Does being disabled affect Florida auto insurance?

In 1990, the US passed the Americans with Disabilities Act in order to prohibit any discrimination of people who have disabilities. This act is extended into many different categories in society, which includes Florida auto insurance. This act does not allow companies to raise rates or deny coverage just because you are disabled. Still, if you are disabled finding the best coverage out there can be difficult.

Can FL auto companies charge me more?

It is illegal to be charged more for Florida auto insurance based on being disabled according to No matter if your disability is physical or mental. In addition, your company cannot decide if your disability will affect your driving. It’s important to understand that if your vehicle is modified for a disability that you have, you will more than likely have to purchase additional insurance for your specific modification.

How can I find the best policy for me?

There are a few specialist providers out there that can provide you with the right Florida auto insurance for you, as a disabled driver. It’s important that you collect a few insurance quotes at, understand that providers will want to speak with you in order to understand more about your disability and the modifications your vehicle has.

If you happen to find a policy that fits all of your needs, be sure to review these following factors:

  • If your car just happens to be stolen or vandalized, would the replacement vehicle have adequate modifications such as ramps and wheelchair access?
  • If your policy does not provide you with a replacement vehicle will they be able to cover the costs of taxis while your vehicle is being worked on?
  • If you have a personal assistant that helps you, can they be added on to your policy as an additional driver?

In order to find a Florida auto insurance policy that fits all of your needs. Start off by collecting a few quotes. Quotes are your gateway to finding a policy that can cater to your disabilities. Remember to read through everything you receive carefully so you can ensure that you receive the coverage options that you need.

Remember let each company know that your vehicle modifications are due to your disabilities. Also, make sure the agent you speak with at understands your Florida auto insurance is for your vehicle and all conversion components.

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